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Thermal Memories

Logan Miller /// Nov. 24, 2018 /// Portfolio Vol. 1

Y2_Summer Night
Y2_Thermal Imaging
Y2_Original Iteration

Thermal Memories is one of the first projects that I began to understand the influence of creativity, as well as the impact that the outside world had on architectural structures and experiences. The project is a simple pavilion along the Tennessee river, with a site the size of a shipping container. The design process began through inspiration from literature and reading physical books. That idea acted as a catalyst for the final product by building the form around a bookcase, and the experiences that come with reading a book by a fire. 

The physical structure is a basic tent-like form that is not meant to provide long-term shelter, but rather serve as an invitation to visit the space. The pavilion is small, housing only a bench, a bookcase, and a firepit. The idea of turning pages next to the calming sound of a crackling fire and the babbling stream of the river is what drove the project forward. However, on the adjacent side of the site an interstate attempts to ruin that moment. In order to provide both seclusion to get lost in the stories by the shore, as well as a physical boundary between public and private, a thermal imaging wall was placed between the road and the architecture.

The thermal wall's purpose is to illustrate whether or not there is a presence on either side, without revealing anything specific. This helps provide a sense of curiosity from people looking onto the river from the interstate, as well as a sense of privacy for the people enjoying the peaceful pavilion. 

1. Process

2.Thermal PRIVACY 

Y2_Second Iteration

The process between converting the initial shape, one resembling a shipping container, into the final form is as simple as wanting to provide an experience that is more centered on the natural form of the river and nature walk.

The thermal wall is designed to provide a barrier between the chaotic motion of the nearby interstate and the peaceful nature walk by the riverside. 

Y2_Winter Day

Perspective (Winter)

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